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Radiator Shrouds & Cooling Plates

When your performance auto runs too hot, itís time to install a radiator cooling panel or one of the high-quality radiator shrouds featured here. Whether you opt for a cooling plate, a cooling panel or a high-tech carbon fiber radiator shroud, the end game is basically the same Ė a cooler-running engine because the carís radiator is made to be more efficient in its distribution of incoming air.

The Beatrush brand cooling panels youíll find here are all essentially the same, just configured differently to fit perfectly to your particular engine. The APR Performance cooling shrouds are similar, also strategically placed in front of the radiator to close the gaps and direct the airflow right into the radiator. These are made from tough, lightweight carbon fiber. The Jís Racing cooling panel is also billed to add good looks to your Honda CR-Z.