2022+ Civic (11th Gen) Wheel Fitment

Billy Ono
Looking for wheel fitment specs for your 2022+ Civic?  Well, we got you covered.  If you're running the factory 18" wheels, then you have an 18x8" wheel with a +50 offset.  
11th Gen Civic Wheel Fitment

We tested a few wheels and here's what we found what will work on the 11th Gen Civic with 5x114.3 bolt pattern.  You can run both 18 and 19" wheels on this car, the 19" will probably be equipped in the Type R, so you might as well consider this option for that look!
  • 18x8" +50 to +41 (oe style look, no rubbing)
  • 18x8" +40 to +34 (semi flush, no rubbing) > See Wheel In This Size
  • 18x8" +33 to +30 (flush, no rubbing with proper suspension)

The same width and offset works on 19".  Anything with a lower offset than that will require rolling, camber, and proper setup to work.  Contact us if you need assistance!

You can also go to our listing to view all wheels that fit your 11th Gen Civic using the above reference on how it will look: 11th Gen Civic Wheels

As a bonus, if you're not looking to upgrade your wheels, you can use a 20mm bolt-on spacer to make your factory wheels sit more flush: 11th Gen Civic 20mm Spacers

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