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Rays Engineering 20L

Foldable Container Boxes

The Rays folding storage bin is the best way to move your cleaning supplies, race gear, off-road supplies, or show gear. It's also great for keeping your garage clean. These cases are made of tough plastic and can be safely stacked, folded, or put together. It's easy to fold them up and store them when not in use.




"KODAWARI" of Exterior: Laser Marking

The logo expresses a sense of luxury through the delicate characters created by laser marking, which cannot be expressed by pad printing.

"KODAWARI" of Exterior: Chamfered Upper Mounts

The aluminum upper mount has been chamfered by machining to evolve the beauty of the product. The machining process was increased to improve the feel and appearance of the product.

Dual PVS: Dual Preload Valve System

Features the Dual Preload Valve System originally designed for the HIPERMAX S. By carefully selecting valve shims for each vehicle model, the settings are tailored to the vehicle to provide direct handling and reliable stability.

HKS Hipermax S Series CoiloversHKS Hipermax S Series Coilovers


Unleash Performance and Elegance with TC105X Wheels

Elevate your drive with WedsSports TC105X Wheels – a masterpiece of innovation and style. These wheels redefine performance with advanced paint technology boasting an industry-first 16nm thickness, while the distinctive "N-FRAME" spoke reinforcement enhances structural integrity. Efficient weight reduction in the center hub and spokes, along with an upsized back-pad for optimized contact, ensures both agility and stability. Experience the TC105X difference: driving control, captivating design, and a legacy of excellence all in one.


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