Our Story

 KAMI SPEED "Build With Confidence"


We believe cars are an extension of ourselves, more than just a form of transportation to get us from point A to point B. They embody our personality and allow us to break away from life's day to day norms. 

Here at Kami Speed, we believe in separating ourselves from the norm and providing you with the tools to create unique builds that represent who you are.  Whether that be rare Japanese made parts or niche Domestic made products that focus on your specific model, we bring it all to you.  We believe not everyone wants to build the car the same way and good product selection is key to building your unique project car.  However, we take this one step further by providing your with parts of highest quality and satisfaction possible.  We believe that if a product usually results in a manufacturer defect or is a warranty nightmare, it's not worth carrying and we pull it off the shelf immediately. This way you can worry less on the reliability of the parts and more on the direction of your build; truly "build with confidence".

By sticking to this principle, we can maintain our product catalog fresh and updated.  Giving us more time to focus on the latest parts and knowledge for your vehicle in order to give you more of what matters the most; great service, product expertise, and a quality product selection.


Our Story

In 1998, Hugo Chavez was elected president of Venezuela, launching the 'Bolivarian Revolution' that brought in a new constitution, socialist and populist economic and social policies funded by high oil prices, and increasingly vocal anti-US foreign policy.

Flash-forward to 2002, Billy partook on the start-up challenge in order to help his family reduce their income dependency on what has now become the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. 

Having nothing but a passion for tuning cars and an eagerness to start a business, Billy established Kami Speed or Speed Worshipers in 2002 as an eBay account selling automotive aftermarket parts that were picked up while visiting family in Japan.  Surprised by how well these parts did, he enlisted the help of his father to make meaningful business connections in Japan both through language and experience.  Pushing forward with his endeavor, in 2005 Kami Speed was acquired by Kensaku, Inc. and was officially settled in Orlando, Florida to supply all enthusiasts the exclusive and rare parts through their online store.

With the vision to provide auto enthusiasts fast and reliable access to performance parts inaccessible outside of Japan, Kami Speed grew from a one man operation to an international business that is family run full-filling orders all over the world shipping from the United States and Japan.

Over the years, we have have expanded to become more than just a Japanese Domestic Market importer. Kami Speed supplies hand picked quality and race-proven products internationally while maintaining supply for exclusive niche products. Not only are we an advocating supplier within the industry, but also automotive enthusiasts to the core. We're here to share our passion with you.

 Kami Speed team


Small Wins

eBay KamiSpeed store was created.

Kami Speed shifts from an eBay store to a brick & mortar store with a dedicated website. 

Kami Speed is officially registered and established under Kensaku, Inc. 

Kami Speed acquires US distribution on niche Japanese brands. 

Kami Speed establishes a distribution and dealer network in different parts of the globe. 

Kami Speed acquires additional niche brands for distribution in the US.

Kami Speed maintains a healthy yearly revenue growth of over 45% since the 2008-2009 recession.

Kami Speed celebrates 10 official years in business.

Kami Speed celebrates 15 official years in business. And 16 years operating under the name Kami speed.