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The Night King's vehicle of choice is a new White A90 Supra


Based on 854 reviews

I talked to Josh which helped me get my Spoon thermostat. They had the best price around and beat online prices as well. I would do business with them again.

Had the GTSPEC D-shape wheel before this so here's a comparison:

Material: People claim DAMD has softer leather but both feels about the same. Not as soft as I thought/wanted

Dshape vs Oshape: I bought O-shaped wheel b/c I make a lot of full cranks and the D-shaped wheel feels awkward at times so I looked for an O-shaped wheel and DAMD offered one! A D-shaped wheel looks much better but the O-shaped wheel feels more like a natural steering wheel

10&2: The DAMD wheel has smaller bumps at 10 & 2 o'clock compared to the GTSPEC. At first I was wary of it b/c I wanted that section to be thicker. But the thickness of the DAMD at 10&2 is actually just right. It felt a lot more natural and very comfortable

I highly recommend this steering wheel. I think it's way better than stock and a bit better than the GTSPEC in certain aspects. The quality is of the product is very nice and it really enhances the driving experience

Lastly, thank you Josh@Kamispeed for the group buy offer!

Plate locks

Overall its a nice sleek product. Even the state troopers who watched me as I was changing my plates thought they were neat. I am pleased with the product and hope that this will be the end of thieves stealing my plates.


quick easy and good price.

Perfect for CE28s

Literally the only place Ive found with the Monoliths. Perfect fit.


I like it. It feels hella good 1 inch make hella difference the driving I cant explain it is just so good feeling :)

Cobb tuning double adjustable dhifter

We havent received it yet??? We will change our rating when we get it.

Does not fit 100% (2018 Civic Type R)

May be it was just my car or may be its a 2018 slight change in the OEM brake line components.

The collar on the chassis end of all four factory brake hoses and their corresponding brackets on my car are "D" shaped and they mate up perfectly.

The collars on the Goodridge brake hoses are round and slightly oversized and does not fit into the "D" shaped hole in the bracket to enable me to put the locking clip on.

I had to file the holes on all four brackets slightly larger to make them fit. Being its for the brakes I also had to take extra precautions not to let metal filings get inside the brakes lines and I had to do that at all four corners.

Needless to say that added an extra hour to my install time and make this install impossible for some people who are not willing or able to file the brackets.

Small component w/ big benefits

Recently installed a set of Ohlins DFV on my 17 WRX (excellent product btw). Installed a pair of these thrust sheets at the top and bottom of each spring. It's apparent when setting the preload on the Ohlins that these sheets are going to reduce NVH and allow smoother operation. So far so good, at low speed this set up produces less noise than the OE parts. Kamispeed seems to offer the best online price for this little upgrade :-)

Rays lug nuts

Very good quality and lightweight.Very happy with the product.

Excellent wheels - Timeless design - Great fit!

I cannot say enough good things about these wheels. The fit and finish is amazing, the quality is superb, and the price is incredibly good considering the fact these wheels have been tested and proven over the years.

I bought this exact size and color to use as my winter wheel setup with some snow tires and they fit perfect. My car is on OEM springs/suspension.


The aFe Scorcher is a super easy way to add a very noticeable amount of power to your Type R. However, I have 2 gripes with this controller; the remote they give you to change the modes is made out of the cheapest plastic possible, it works fine but feels crappy. The other issue is I find the Scorcher has a very hard time in the 'Race' setting unless the car is fully warm. Even at low speeds the car will dump its boost at the incorrect time and make the car jitter and act weird (I needed to clear codes a few times). I know you should be at full temp before any spirited driving, but come on, we've all done it. This definitely gives you a bump in power with some irritating drawbacks you will need to work around. I'd give it 3.5 stars. I recommend it if you're looking for a bolt-on and cheaper option, but if you are looking for something more serious I would take a look at Hondata.

Heat Soaked

My mechanic recommended this intake without me knowing much about the intake upgrades at the time and I ordered this part before doing needed research. The Injen intake is built well, looks good, and makes a crazy level of induction noise. However, the intake is just sitting in the engine bay getting heat soaked and starving the car of air (there's no airbox). This leads to less overall power in exchange for more sound. It's not worth it. With my Scorcher GT boost controller on, it starved the turbo and led to a severe lack of power. This caused a few warning lights on the dash that did not go away without an OBD scanner. I now own a Mishimoto Cold Air Intake which I can tell you is far more superior to the Injen intake and the stock intake as well while producing a similar noise with no errors. This has ruined Injen's reputation in my eyes and I won't be buying any more of their products. Look elsewhere for an intake.


These mudflaps give you a very aggressive look to your Type R. Now that I have them on I really couldn't see the car without them. It was a simple 30-45 minute install that anyone could do and give your car a drastic change. They are functional and have kept small pebbles from kicking up onto the paint. It's a must for your Type R, highly recommended.

Great Weight & Feel

Alta (Perrin) has done a great job with this shift knob. It's weighty and feels much better than the original knob. I have larger hands and the standard shift knob was too small and uncomfortable for me. This is a great and affordable upgrade to greatly increase the shift feel and give yourself notchy feedback. I highly recommend it.

Steering Wheel

I was disappointed that the item was on backorder but was happy that the item arrived before it was originally due. I have not had the steering wheel installed yet so hoping all goes well.

Miss screw

It comes without screw for connecting the upper and down tank kit

Great product and buying experience

The shipping was so fast. I thought it would take a week, at least, since they're in FL and I'm in CA. But the wheels arrived only 19 hours later. And it was only $9 or something. That's compared to $100 another company wanted to charge on top of $120 CA sales tax. So I saved over $200.


Josh was a great help with getting the product I inquired for my FK8. HKS exhaust system sounds and fit with no issues. Shipping was fast and will be looking to order more from Kamispeed in the future for more HKS parts.

The most balanced setup

I've driven other CRZs with big named coilovers and these are definitely the best bang for your buck.
The package showed up Two days EARLIER than the estimated arrival time!
After installing them, I went on a mountain pass and they performed great!
I originally came from Lowering springs with stock oem shock absorbers. I needed to replace my shocks, but I didn't have the funds to buy $1,000 coilovers nor did I want to go back to a stock suspension setup.
They're both soft and stiff when you need it. They soak up bumps and unevenness on Roads but they are stiff and planted on the corners.
If anyone is looking to install budget coilovers... THESE are the best ones you can get for the price.
The instructions came in mostly in Japanese with some English. Though I wish the instructions were all in English, they did include a lot of pictures which made it easy to install.
I am very satisfied with the purchase.
Thanks you Kamispeed for bringing my fun little CRZ to life again!

Injen intake

Would recommend the instructions be in color for pictures. Over all easy to install and love the sound it makes.

Great experience, as always!

As usual, Josh did a great job of assisting me and keeping me informed. I had a follow-up question that I sent by email and I received a response the same day. Josh's and Kami Speed's customer service always exceeds my expectations and their prices are great.