HKS Hipermax Damper Overhaul Service

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As an authorized HKS dealer and master seller, we offer HKS hipermax damper overhaul services without sending it overseas.  The damper must be shipped to us and then we ship it to HKS USA to perform an overhaul.  Turn around time will be on a case by case basis.  Overhaul is not available for all models, but is available for most Mitsubishi, Toyota, Scion, and Subaru models.  Please contact us for more information.


So What Does An Overhaul Replace?

An overhaul replaces seals, gas, oil, rods and other damaged components.  

The nondurable components within a damper are constantly being degraded by heat and friction. To maintain performance and safety the damper must be replaced at normal intervals.  Recommended intervals are 3 years or 36,000 miles.  HKS USA will not replace anything over 3 years.

When Should I Overhaul?

If my car is unsteady when changing lanes. If my car nose dives when applying the brakes. If my car’s steering response is slow. If my car makes a rattling noise. If my car’s suspension is leaking.

Prices On Overhauling?

Front sets are $650 and can be ordered here. And rear sets are $550 and can be ordered here.  This includes shipping back to you if you're located in continental USA.

Note On Overhauling

Overhaul of both left and right dampers must be done together.  Overhaul not available for parts over three years old.  Shipping cost not covered when shipping to us.

HKS Hypermax Overhaul Service




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