HKS CR-Z GT Supercharger vs GT2 Supercharger

The Honda CR-Z is a great vehicle that redefined what an affordable hybrid can be. The car is beautifully engineered, but for most standards, they lack in the power department. If you're looking to take your car to the next level, the HKS Supercharger kits are the perfect choice.  But which one to choose?  GT or GT2?

Both are great options and a great improvement over stock.  And there is no right and wrong, it just depends on what you're planning to achieve with the CR-Z and how much you want to invest in it.


The GT includes the smaller GTS4015HP centrifugal supercharger, which allows for optimal layout and its a kit that does not need additional modifications besides an ECU Tune.  Expect about 173whp* with a proper ECU tune and 200whp* with a fuel upgrade kit with proper ECU tune.   




The GT2 uses a much larger supercharge, the GTS7040 centrifugal style supercharger. Out of the box you will be pushing 200whp* with injectors and a tune.  Add more supplement mods, such as upgraded internals and clutch, and you can take it to 250-300whp* from the humble CR-Z Hybrid!  The great thing about this unit is that it does not require further upgrades to bolt on, allowing you to slowly build up the car to your liking.

HKS GT7040

Below 3,000-3,500rpm, the GT kit will provide a strong pull and more even powerband compared to the GT2.  The GT2 really shines above 3,500-4,000rpm.

hks cr-z gt vs gt2

*WHP numbers will vary depending on dyno used, sea level, and tuning.



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