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Performance Auto Gauges

Our electronics gauges category contains a full complement of performance auto gauges of all types from top-name manufacturers like DEFI, GReddy, ATI and HKS. A complete line of 52mm gauge models can be found, including a 52mm boost gauge from DEFI in your choice of blue, red or white. DEFI also offers a 52mm oil pressure gauge, a 52mm voltage gauge, and EGT and temperature gauges, all with the same color options.

If you own a 2011-2015 Honda CR-Z, take a look at the C-WEST CFRP triple gauge pod that replaces your carís original storage lid. Other great digital auto gauge parts include a full lineup of Revel VLS 52mm OLED gauges for oil and water temperature, oil pressure and turbo boost pressure. The two Cobb Tuning Accessport units allow Nissan GT-R owners to totally upgrade their carís ECU factory setting to unlock the hidden power within.