New Product Release! Remark Axle-Back Exhausts for the Nissan 370Z!

There has not been a lot of options for a competitively priced axle-back available to the 370Z market. So you can see why we would be excited when we found out about this release!

Remark exhausts are designed to be remarkable and last a lifetime. Already a major player as an exhaust manufacturer, Remark is cutting out the middle man and selling high quality exhausts directly to the end-consumer. 

The Remark Axle back Exhaust System for the 2009+ Nissan 370Z is an inexpensive way to give your Z34 that race exhaust look and sound. This axle back system replaces the large, bulky, ugly factory single muffler for minimal individual mufflers with large 4.5-inch tips. This helps fill out the rear bumper all while giving the Z34 a deep throaty sound!

Don't like the silver tips? Not a problem! Remark offers burnt blue stainless tips to add a bit of color and aggressiveness to the rear of your 370Z! Any style you choose will for sure allow you to stand out!

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