Brand New gramLIGHTS 57XTREME Spec-D

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gramLIGHTS introduced their new technical model: 57XTREME SPEC-D at the 2019 Tokyo auto Salon. From the outside the wheel has the same design as the 57Xtreme with an addition of a new finish and spoke decals. However structurally the wheel has been vastly improved for added strength!

57xtreme spec-d specs

Features include: a thicker outer rim for more strength, shot peened wheel body, hump configuration to EH2+ shape for optimal tire performance, and a redesigned center area for weight savings. 

Spec-d Tire Grip

The Spec-D will be available in two finishes Matte Graphite (MF) and White (O2Z), with the white including dual spoke decals installed from factory.

Size variations are available in 18inch for Japanese and 5-120 PCD (Civic Type R). Air valves are included with each piece and like most Rays wheels optional center caps are sold separately. 

Spec-D Sizing

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