New Wheel Debut! Gram Lights 57FXZ in 19" and 20"

Billy Ono

GramLights 57FXZ

Rays Engineering introduces a new model, the Gram Lights 57FXZ. This RCF wheel is the ultimate successor to the standard 57FXX model, reinvented to include the latest technological advancements.

Center area with pockets to remove mass and a machining outline to feature the area. gramLIGHTS logo on the rim edge using our patented A.M.T. technology.


57FXZ Lexus

57FXZ Supra A90

Now available in Super Dark Gunmetal/Machining Rim Edge DC (AAC) and RBC/Machining (SNJ).

Gram Lights 57FXZ AAC Color

57FXZ SNJ Color

Air valve and center cap is included with each piece. 19-20inch applications for both European and Japanese fitments in 5x100, 5x114.3, 5x112, & 5x120. 18inch variation in development.

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