Whiteline 05-08 Subaru Legacy GT / 04-07 Subaru Outback XT Rear Camber adj kit-upper c/arm bushes (KCA399)

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Product Description

Whiteline Adjustable Camber kits allow for easy on-car adjustment and fine-tuning of camber settings resulting in improved traction, increased cornering grip, and better tire life - ultimately improving overall performance. The kit includes low-compliance synthetic elastomer bushings which maintain preferred alignment settings as well as enhanced steering response.


  • Subaru Legacy GT (2005, 2006, 2007, 2008)
  • Subaru Outback XT (2004, 2005, 2006, 2007)


  • On-Car Camber Adjustment: The Whiteline Adjustable Camber kits enable convenient and real-time adjustment of camber settings directly on the vehicle, offering a responsive solution for optimizing performance.
  • Enhanced Traction: By fine-tuning camber settings, these kits contribute to heightened traction, ensuring the tires maintain a better grip on the road surface for improved acceleration and stability.
  • Increased Cornering Grip: The ability to adjust camber settings empowers drivers to achieve optimal alignment during cornering, resulting in enhanced grip and control while navigating curves and bends.
  • Extended Tire Life: Through precise camber adjustments, the kits help to evenly distribute tire wear, extending the overall lifespan of the tires and contributing to cost-effective maintenance.
  • Performance Improvement: The Whiteline Adjustable Camber kits provide a holistic enhancement to overall vehicle performance by refining alignment settings, positively impacting acceleration, handling, and stability.
  • Synthetic Elastomer Bushings: Included in the kit are low-compliance synthetic elastomer bushings, which serve to maintain the desired alignment settings with minimal flexibility, ensuring consistent performance characteristics.
  • Alignment Retention: Synthetic elastomer bushings play a key role in retaining the preferred alignment settings, preventing shifts or deviations that could compromise the vehicle's handling dynamics.
  • Responsive Steering: Alongside the camber adjustments, the kits contribute to improved steering response, enabling quicker and more precise control over the vehicle's direction.
  • Customized Tuning: With the ability to fine-tune camber settings, drivers gain the flexibility to tailor their vehicle's performance to their specific preferences and driving style.
  • User-Friendly Installation: The Whiteline Adjustable Camber kits are designed for easy installation, providing a hassle-free process for both automotive enthusiasts and professionals.
  • Performance-Driven Design: Crafted with performance as a focal point, these kits reflect a design philosophy aimed at delivering tangible benefits to driving dynamics and overall handling.
  • Compatibility: Designed to cater to a range of vehicle models, these camber kits offer compatibility across diverse platforms, catering to a broader spectrum of car enthusiasts.
  • Cornering Precision: Through optimized camber settings, drivers experience increased precision during cornering maneuvers, instilling confidence and control in high-speed turns.
  • Maintenance of Alignment: The kits' synthetic elastomer bushings contribute to the preservation of alignment settings over time, reducing the need for frequent adjustments and promoting consistent performance.

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