Toyota GR Supra A90 Wheels

The 2019+ Toyota GR Supra A90 is equipped with 19x9.5" +32 offset wheels on the front and 19x10.0" +40 offset wheels in the rear in a 5x112 bolt pattern with 255/35R19 tires on the front and 275/35R19 tires on the rear.  It's imperative to choose the right size wheel size and offset when upgrading your GR Supra wheels.  And as such, we at Kami Speed have worked with enough A90s to know what works for your car depending on your mods and performance goals.

Please browse through our large selection of wheels for your Supra from Gramlights to Volk Racing to Advan Racing, WedsSports, BC Forged, Enkei, BBS, Cosmis, and much more.