What's included with the new A90 HKS Premium Body Kit for the 2020+ Toyota GR Supra?

What's included with the new A90 HKS Premium Body Kit for the 2020+ Toyota GR Supra?

With the first ever produced body kit by HKS, you know you're getting one quality kit with the name HKS behind it.  Utilizing their extensive knowledge of time attack, racing, and aerodynamics.  HKS developed one heck of a kit for the new Toyota GR Supra.  This kit not only looks pretty, but its completely functional if you're looking to shed some time off in the circuit.  The whole purpose of this kit is to stabilize the car at higher speeds with and without the GT wing.  Obviously throwing the GT wing will make the A90 one hell of a sticky car on the track.

So what's included with the kit you ask?  Here's a break down, additional information, and some photos to go with it:

Vehicle Size with kit:

  • Width: 2,070 mm
  • Height: 1,311 mm (with GT Wing)
  • Length: 4,642 mm (with GT Wing stand)

Body Kit features:

  • This kit made from glass-fiber reinforced plastic.(Black gel coat finish on the surface)
  • The bodyline inherit the successive race cars.
  • Fenders and rear canards that take into account the effect of rectification to the rear of the vehicle will stabilize running .
  • Rear down force can be secured by installing GT wing.
  • This product is designed to obtain an optimal downforce by performing CFD analysis to take into account aerodynamics.
  • HKS has been pursuing durability and downforce in the ultra-high-speed range by conducting tests on high-speed circuits.

Standard Kit Includes (hks53004-AT011)

  • Front Lip
  • Rear Fender R/L
  • Front Fender R/L
  • Rear Duck-tail
  • Side Sill R/L
  • Rear Canard R/L

FRP GT Wing Includes (hks53004-AT013)

  • Stand, bracket, license plate cover

Full Kit Includes (hks53004-AT012)

  • Standard Kit + FRP GT Wing

HKS Premium Body Kit Parts for Supra

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