New Kics Monolith Locking Lugnuts

Eisaku Ono

With the start of Fall comes the automotive industries preparation for the Las Vegas SEMA Show. For those who aren't aware of what the SEMA show is, it's basically the largest Automotive Convention in the United States, meaning its the most important Automotive event in the world (perhaps a stretch but not entirely). 

Anyways, with SEMA around the corner a lot of manufacturers begin to spin their R&D wheels to preview and release new products for the following year. Japanese manufacturers are no different and use this opportunity to expand their exposure. This year Kyo-Ei, makers of Project Kics lug nuts, is announcing their newest addition: the Monolith locking lugs.

The Kics Monolith lugs are inherently locks due to their unconventional design, using a special internal locking mechanism as opposed to the standard external hex. These lugs come in two finishes, Glorious Black or NeoChro, and come in the popular Japanese threads: M12x1.5, M12x1.25, and M14x1.5 (2017+ Civic Type R).

This internal locking mechanism also means that these lugs will work with aftermarket wheels with small lug holes, as long as the lug nut fits then they will work since there is no additional width to consider since there's no need for a lug wrench to fit over the lugnuts. 

Kics Monolith M12 Specification Diagram

Kics Monolith M14 Specification Diagram

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