Launch Day Edidtion: HKS A90 Supra GR

Like everyone else in the industry, we are extremely excited to start slinging A90 Supra parts. One of the first tuners to get their hands on a Supra was HKS (thank to Toyota Japan) and it's been love ever since. They have had their hand in two 2JZ-swapped Supra's making the rounds in Formula D Japan, all while developing their full suite of HKS Performance parts. Below we have a little summary of the shared history of HKS and the Toyota Supra.

In terms of parts HKS will be sure to release a long line-up of parts to support more power and better handling performance for the Supra. If you're following the A90 then you have seen the power figures have been underestimated by Toyota, making it extremely plausible to see double digit power and torque improvements even through small upgrades. For stage 1, HKS has their Hi-Power exhaust system, Hipermax Series Adjustable Springs, and Super Air Intake Filter to balance out performance for an already great sports car!

After Stage 1 is complete, HKS has further exhaust upgrades (such as downpipe and racing catalyzer) in the works. For handling they have their Hipermax IV SP coilovers in the works. And rounding out the intake system, they have their Racing Suction Kit as well as Carbon Induction boxes in the works. If that's not enough they plan on releasing a bolt-on turbo kit with the intercooler and oil cooler kits to support the added power. All in all HKS has a lot in store for the A90 Supra in order to make it live up to the MKIV legacy!

For more updates make sure to bookmark out A90 Supra parts page.

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