General Release: Bride XERO Bucket Seats

Eisaku Ono


The Bride XERO seat has been out since late 2018 in the professional circuit, most notably used by Nobuteru Taniguchi in the Japanese One Make 86/BRZ Series. 

Bride Xero Nobuteru Taniguchi

So what exactly can you expect from the new Bride Xero Seat? Like all Bride seats they are 100% made in Japan with special attention to ergonomic comfort and race performance. The Bride Xero is a culmination of testing and feedback from other seats to create a durable race seat for use in amateur and professional racing but still comfortable enough to be used daily. Here are a list of features:

  • A new seat shell design for proper back support and comfort
  • FIA Homologation on each and every seat
  • Head guard bolsters support the head with or without a helmet
  • Bride's iconic Low Max system for max clearance for tall drivers
  • Padded quilted covering for comfort and endurance racing
  • Shoulder and Belt holes framed in Carbon
  • Available CS or RS for less or more head bolster support
  • Available in FRP or Carbon Aramid Shell
  • Seats starting at a low weight of 7.1 kg (15.65 lbs)

Bride XERO CS Gradation Carbon Aramid Shell:

Bride XERO CS Gradation Carbon Aramid Shell


Bride XERO RS Black Carbon Aramid Shell:

Bride XERO RS Black Carbon Aramid Shell

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