Cusco 288 540 A Strut Bar on Q50 3.0t Sedan 2016+ and Q60 3.0t Coupe 2017+ DIY Mod

Original post copied from Cusco USA found here:

"Here's another tip from Cusco on utilizing cross-compatible parts.

Today we focus our attention to the 2016 and later Nissan Global FM platform Nissan V37 chassis, Infiniti Q50 Sedan & Q60 Coupe.
We've always had a fitment for the Japanese Skyline (V37) and Skyline Crossover (J50) with our Strut Tower Bar #288 540 A and we wanted to see if the Q50/Q60 was a match as well.
Since we've had a chance to investigate a bit with the newer Infiniti Q60 that uses the same upper suspension pinnings, we took to opportunity to find out if this is compatible as well.

Sure enough, with a little creativity the Strut Tower Bar fits perfectly in place!
There are a few caveats as the cars are not completely the same, but it is only a matter of moving a few small things and making space.
This involves only the obvious.  There are a few wire bundles, and hoses that run near the brackets and while mostly they are clear, some have to be removed from bundle retainers to be pushed aside or padded like the AC hose and one large electrical harness.  Nothing disconnected or modified though, thank god!"


"So after a little tidying up, here's what it looks like.  Perfectly clearing the hood as well as engine cosmetic cover plate.

These modern cars are designed with a great deal of chassis rigidity compared to old days of the 1980's and prior, as much of the calculations are now done on computer assisted design processes.  However there are still constraints of impact-crumple zones, costs, and weight that are always poking a chunk of what would otherwise be made stiffer from the factory.
By carefully making analysis of where it can be improved, often with factory data sets, as well as our own extensive R&D, chassis rigidity improvements greatly change the overall tuning of the suspension, and dynamic handling as a result.  Mainly the suspension attachment points in relation to all four ends of the car will remain more sturdy.  As such, the suspension will retain their specific alignment far more accurately, and trace the road as designed even under loads of performance tire grip levels.

Cusco Strut Tower Bar
Type OS Bar Section
Cusco Part#: 288 540 A
JAN Code 4996 3382 88097

Fitment: Infiniti G37 (V36) Coupe/Sedan ('13-'16 V36), Skyline Crossover (J50 with VQ engine) , and  Infiniti EX35 (VQ Engine)
'14-Current Infiniti Q50 Sedan / '16-Current Q60 Coupe (with slight clearing of space from wires etc.)"




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  • i s this part avalable?

    Daniel RUIZ

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1 comment

  • i s this part avalable?

    Daniel RUIZ