Bride Japan Stradia II Sport now available with New Colors!

Josh Obitsu

For a while now Bride Japan has offered the popular Bride Stradia II Sport reclinable seat which all know and love! It is a dual purpose racing seat that gives the driver the full on support that we want in a bucket seat but also the option to recline. Since we all have those days where we want to sit back and relax.

With that being said. There was only one color option available for the Sport version. It featured Brides black fabric and red stitching. While the color was very neutral. Customers still wanted the option to get them in red or the famous "Bride" gradation logo. With custom car wraps, powdercoated calipers and galaxy style headliners being very popular in the scene right now. It was only a matter of time that Bride would follow suit and give the Stradia II Sport lovers some choices!

New for 2019. Bride Japan has released the Stradia II Sport in Black, Black Logo, Red Logo and Gradation colors! The seat still features the famous FRP Silver Sparkle backing and the choice of standard or low style bottom cushions.

Bride Stradia II Sport Reclinable Racing Seat *New Colors*

Stradia II Sport in Black


Bride Stradia II Sport in Black Logo


Bride Stradia II Sport in Red Logo


Bride Stradia II Sport in Gradation

Here is a nice shot of the FRP Silver Sparkle backing and the reclining knob featured on all Bride Stradia II Sport seats! When buying authentic you know you are getting a high quality racing seat!


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