Sparco QRT-R 2019 Racing Seat

Sparco QRT-R 2019 Racing Seat

Everyone over here at Kami Speed is always excited to see a new bucket seat hit the market. The new Sparco QRT-R 2019 did not disappoint! The QRT-R was the first seat from Sparco to feature the patented QRT ultra-light technology. This new technology gives the frame of the seat a perfect strength/weight ratio. So not only is this seat strong, but it is very light for a fiberglass composite racing seat. It even rivals in weight some of the carbon fiber seats that are out there!

This seat also looks great, am I right? The design features are not just for looks though. The lower, sloping side bolsters help you get in and out of the car more easily, while still providing enough support under heavy driving. Also, the black cloth material is comfortable, yet durable even for a daily driver vehicle.

Another great and I think one of the most important aspects of the Sparco QRT-R 2019, is that it is considered a "Medium/Large" size seat. So with its lower seating position, it can accommodate drivers over 6 feet and a waist size of around 34 comfortably. But, not only can it fit those types of drivers, the seat also is not that big dimension wise, so it can be fit into smaller vehicles! Though you will want to do your own measuring for your specific car before purchasing.

Oh, and did I mention this seat is FIA Approved? Just another great feature of the new Sparco QRT-R 2019! So whether you have a daily driver or are looking to all out track your car, the Sparco QRT-R 2019 will be perfect for your needs!




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