HKS vs. J's Racing vs. Kami Speed: CR-Z Header/Front-Pipe Comparison

HKS vs. J's Racing vs. Kami Speed: CR-Z Header/Front-Pipe Comparison

The vehicles exhaust system is typically one of the first modifications to consider when looking to improve performance. The Honda CR-Z is no exception, however when it comes to anything other than the catback there are not too many options. 

We decided to take a closer look into the two most popular options: the HKS Metal Catalyzer and J's Racing Header and Front Pipe; while including a new option that we have in the works. Shown in order from top to bottom from the top image.

Kami Speed Header + Test Pipe:

2.5 inch (63.5mm) Inner Diameter Piping
Total weight of 8 lbs
Removes all catalyzers
Flex Pipe Portion
Uses EGR 
Requires O2 sensor extension or tune to remove CEL
We designed this system with performance and cost in mind.  By keeping the EGR system this kit does not require a tuning solution, we removed the catalyzers but the check engine light can be removed using a O2 extension. This is the cheapest system if once you factor out a tuning solution. This has the largest diameter piping so it's ideal for maximum power. 
We are currently running a group-buy on the Header Portion as it's currently still in development.


HKS Metal Catalyzer:

51mm Inner Diameter Piping 
Header uses 2-1 collection to improve mid range
EGR Valve Included (not shown)
Only Aftermarket system to include a Race Catalyzer
Does not require Tune
Most Expensive system
We recommend this system for anyone who wants a mixture of performance and ease of use. Since this system keeps a catalyzer there won't be any check engine light from the O2 sensor. Price is the only downside of this system but it's extremely high quality and was tested on the HKS Green Monster which pushed 300 whp.


J's Racing Race Converter: 

50mm Outer Diameter Piping
Only weighs 6.6 lbs
Removes all catalyzers
Flex Pipe portion 
Requires EGR block off
Requires tune
Lowest initial cost, but might add up if you add the tuning solution
We recommend this system for serious performance or track builds who don't mind tuning out the CR-Z EGR system. Zero catalyzers means check engine lights unless you tune out the sensor or use a O2 extension. This is the cheapest system but will add up if you don't have a tuning solution. This also has the smallest diameter piping so we'd recommend it primarily for Naturally Aspirated or low power superchargers (such as Sprintex). 

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