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Turbocharger Kits

Installing a turbocharger kit is the quickest, easiest, least expensive way to add instant power to your Japanese import, as in the case of the Cobb Tuning Turbo Kit made for the Subaru STI in model years 2008-2014. While still preserving excellent low- and mid-range response to make it easy to handle for the daily driver, this bolt on turbo unit should produce 400 horses of top end power for times when that’s what you want. That's just one of the turbos offered here.

For the ultimate aftermarket turbocharger, Nissan GT-R R35 owners looking for a turbo upgrade can consider the HKS 1000 Full Turbo Kit. If you’ve got the guts they’ve got the glory – offering 1000 horsepower supercharger kits that virtually scream, “get in, shut up and hold on!”