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Tein Suspension Products

TEIN Inc., a world leader in the design and manufacture of automobile suspension systems, characterizes itself as being governed by three major factors – safety, reasonable prices and high quality. TEIN performance applies to both track and street applications and the lineup of TEIN suspension products includes TEIN suspension springs, TEIN coilovers, TEIN lowering springs, TEIN Super Racing coilovers and more.

Made in Japan under ultra-strict quality control and by highly trained suspension engineers, these suspension products are designed for all the popular Japanese import vehicles, although some, such as the Street Basis Z Coilover units, will fit others such as the Saab 9-2X. These entry-level coilovers provide a height-adjustable ride that’s both sporty and aggressive in its stance. Best of all these are affordably priced, especially with our generous discount and free shipping. Select from Basis Z, Advance Z, Flex Z and Mono Sport Coilovers for your car and model year.