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Suspension Mounts and Bushing Kits

With polyurethane sway bar bushings from KamiSpeed, you get vibration isolation that is unparalleled by any other suspension bushing kit. Through use of polyurethane bushings, energy transferred between two connected pieces of metal is dampened to reduce vibration and adverse effects on connected parts. If bushings are neglected, it can reduce your tire life, negatively affect alignment and reduce the overall lifespan of your vehicle. Taking care of your suspension systems means you keep positive location of suspension components for better control, precise handling and safer driving. Suspension rubber bushing keeps everything together and stable. We have bushings that apply to most models, including Honda, Nissan, Subaru, Mazda and more.

If you are looking to give your car enhanced and precise control and stability, KamiSpeed has suspension mounts and bushings to keep you covered. We guarantee your satisfaction with our aftermarket performance parts and know we have something to fit everyone’s needs. Search our store and begin your upgrading today.