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Bolt On Roll Cages

Every racer needs a roll cage and we carry some great roll cage kits for Acura, Mitsubishi, Lexus, Toyota and Honda. The bolt on roll cage models require no drilling, making installation straightforward. The selection includes 4-point, 5-point and 6-point racing roll cage choices, including two lightweight roll cage models from Cusco. These units are made from chromoly for the Lexus IS300 SXE10 without sun roofs. Chromoly is strong yet 33% lighter in weight than steel, which is what most car roll bar units are made of.

Another option offered by Cusco is the side pillar bar designed for use on the Toyota MR2 Spyder or MR2-S. It provides the same rigidity as a cage yet saves on weight and space. It works with the car top either up or down.