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Performance Lowering Springs & Coils

Aftermarket springs provide advantages that stock coils lack, primarily because manufacturers are concerned with cost as opposed to performance. Aftermarket parts tend to provide better aerodynamics by reducing the amount of air that passes below the car. Additionally, when aftermarket springs are used, the car is close to the ground, allowing for better traction with tires and improved handling. Lowering coils also reduce the risk of the vehicle rolling over, and many drivers are more comfortable being closer to the ground.

A lowering spring kit from KamiSpeed provides you with the upgrades only aftermarket coil springs can. Apart from the performance aspects, we have sportline lowering springs that give the car a sporty and sleek look by dropping it lower to the ground. We have springs and kits to fit any type of car model. Lexus, Honda, Infiniti, Subaru and Ford are just some of the name brands we have parts for. Buy our high-quality upgrades today and give your car the boost it needs.