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Racing Helmets

Head protection is critically important to car and motorcycle racers and the auto racing helmets sold here, HJC Helmets, are all top quality, Snell Helmet-certified racing helmets. Pete Snell was an amateur racer who died in 1956 as the result of a head injury received in a crash while he was wearing what was then considered to be a state-of-the-art helmet.

These helmets are DOT approved and Snell Certified by the non-profit Snell Foundation that has set safety standards for helmets since 1957. Whether you choose the most affordable AR-10 II with a shell made from fiberglass composite weave, a lightweight Si-12 or an HX-10 II carbon fiber helmet, you’ll have the protection you need. You’ll also find a selection of replacement face shields and a hard-shell, deluxe helmet carrier.