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Aftermarket Downpipes, Turbo Outlets & J-Pipes

Replacing your stock downpipe with an aftermarket alternative exhaust downpipe will give your car more horsepower by increasing the exhaust diameter and allowing for better flow. Here at KamiSpeed, to give you that extra boost in power we carry several types of downpipes, including turbo downpipes, catted downpipes, divorced downpipes and bellmouth downpipes. We have parts to increase exhaust flow on most major brands of car, including Subaru, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Scion and more.

Upgrading your car for less restricted exhaust flow will lead to better performance and increased horsepower. Some other reasons you may want to replace your stock downpipe include currently having a downpipe that has multiple bends making flow inefficient or having already modified your turbo to run at higher boost pressure. A higher gas exhaust output will require a larger and smoother downpipe. Whatever the reason, use for all your performance downpipe needs, no matter the type. We are confident in our selection and stand by our parts.