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Front & Rear Performance Differential Kits

Front and rear differential gears in an automobile allow for different rotation speeds of the outer and inner drive wheels. The wheel on the outside will turn faster than the one on the inside to keep turning on a curve stable and precise. With a sport differential, a vehicle can change the ratio of torque that is dispersed to the rear and front wheels and side to side based on traction. When one end starts to slip or skid, more power is delivered to the opposing side. This type of drivetrain differential adds more stability and control when driving and racing on slick tracks or in the rain.

With limited slip differentials from KamiSpeed, you obtain better traction, stability and power control of your vehicle, allowing you to drive on slippery surfaces with ease. Choose from brands like Cusco, Spoon Sports and Whiteline for your differential upgrades, and be at ease knowing you purchased the highest quality differential gears at the best available price.