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Lightweight Racing Batteries & Mounts

Our extensive collection of lightweight Braille Battery models includes everything from hi- tech lithium-ion batteries weighing less than 5 lbs. yet still able to deliver 773 PCA (pulse cranking amperes) to nearly two dozen various Braille batteries, including Endurance, Racing and CF (Carbon Fiber) models, all offered at attractive prices. Carbon Fiber cases have the advantage of being not only lightweight, but they're also much less conductive of heat and cold, thereby protecting the internal parts of the battery from temperature extremes which are proven to zap battery performance.

Braille’s lightweight lithium car battery lineup includes a 9.3-pound CF lithium MICRO-LITE unit that puts out 1384 PCA and that provides the longest run time of any performance auto battery operating without an alternator. Also check out our various battery mount kits.