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Important: Unless noted, most of these lugnuts & locks are 60 degree tapered for Aftermarket Wheels.

Lugnut Sizes
  • 12x1.50 = Most Acura, Honda, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Lexus, Scion, & Toyota
  • 12x1.25 = Most Infiniti, Nissan, & Subaru
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Wheel Locks & Aftermarket Lug Nuts

We’ve got so many aftermarket lug nuts choices in this category, you might get dizzy checking them all out! You’ll find chrome lug nuts, colored lug nuts, black lug nuts, racing lug nuts, Muteki lug nuts, Project Kics lug nuts and more. Besides Project Kics and Muteki, other top-name suppliers include Ti64, Kics, Bull Lock, Kyokugen, SSR GT and others.

New technology wheel locks make your wheels more secure than ever, and the tricked out Kics Leggdura Racing 2-piece lugs and locks allow you easy lug access at the track with classy lug nut cover shells for use when not racing. Some of the pieces here are vehicle specific while others are universal. You’ll find both open end and closed end lug nuts–some meant strictly for use on aftermarket wheels while others are made to fit your car’s OEM wheels. Choose from steel, titanium, hardened aluminum, cold-forged aluminum and more.