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Performance Auto Wheel Fenders

The purpose of a tire fender is typically to keep dirt, grime, rocks and other materials from launching into the air after coming into contact with the wheels. This helps prevent damage to the outside body of your car and keeps it clean. Racing fenders have the added functionality of making the car more aerodynamic and allowing it to cut through the air or any incoming resistance with ease. Certain car models produce a high amount of heat from the brake calipers and require additional measures to be taken to stay cool. We have fenders that help to reduce heat for such models, and our aftermarket front fenders and performance rear fenders are designed to minimize any turbulence caused by the wheel spin to reduce any drag.

Shop for your aftermarket fender needs, and give your car a sleek and sporty look while also enhancing aerodynamic design. Our fenders support use on Nissan, Honda, Subaru and more.