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It has been over 5 years since the original RG-D model wheel was launched in 2010. Yokohama followed the design of the RS-D by implementing a popular style (the Advan RG series) and adding a deep dish or lip. In 2016, this model has been revamped and introduced as the RG-D2.

Initially the D in RG-D designated a specific straight/deep outer rim design, think 'D' as is 'Deep Dish.' However, this time around the RG-D2 includes a step-lip rim and three types of concave spokes in the classic RG 6-spoke style. In changing the style of the RG-D, the RG-D2 actually returns home with a shape more closely aligned with the original RG wheel; the new design is actually the classic design made with todays most advanced technology.

To further allude to classic styles, Yokohama Wheel diamond machined the outer rim for a polished look, which in conjunction to the step-rim design gives the illusion of 2-piece wheels (think Super Advan Racing Ver. 2). Despite it's looks, the RG-D2 still has the stiffness, strength, and weight combination only made possible by a mono-block wheel.

While a stylistic return is great, Yokohama Wheel wanted to flex their technological muscle and are implementing new design features to demonstrating authenticity and exclusivity. Each RG-D2 incorporates a thermal printed 'ADVAN Racing JAPAN MADE FLOW FORMING' logo printed on the step of the rims. This logo cannot be replaced and is highly difficult to replicate. The six spokes have side cut machining in accordance with the latest ADVAN Racing technology trend, and advanced side cut swoops between two spokes. On top of that, there are three types of concave spokes (Standard, GTR, and Super GTR), which maximize concavity per width and offset. Lastly, the RG-D2 wheels have the same inner barrel shape as the TCIII. In other words, these 18-inch wheels have the racing rim profile necessary to accommodate brake kits with rotor sizes of up to 400mm diameters.