Kami Speed
Build with confidence!

We believe cars are an extension of ourselves, more than just a form of transportation to get us from point A to point B. They embody our personality and allow us to break away from life's day to day norms.

Here at Kami Speed, we believe on separating ourselves from the norm and providing you with the tools to create unique builds that represent who you are.  Whether that be rare Japanese made parts or niche Domestic made products that focus on your specific model, we bring it all to you.  Because we believe not everyone wants to build the car the same way and product selection is key to building your unique project car.  

Every part that you find at Kami Speed is of the highest quality and satisfaction possible. We believe that if a product usually results in a manufacturer defect or is a warranty nightmare, we pull it off the shelf and stop carrying immediately.  But, we take this concept one step further by providing direct bolt-on parts only, for those that choose to embrace the "Built Not Bought" experience. 

Now, we know there are many make and models out there which would make it virtually impossible to be an expert in each and every one.  That's why we only focus on modification friendly Sport Compact vehicles that have enough support from the industry.  We also geeked out and follow Pareto's 80/20 rule in order to offer products made for cars that were built in the past 20 years.  Why do we do this? Because if Pareto's 80/20 rule means anything, it tells us that 80% of the products been developed and offered out there caters to those cars made within the last 20 years.

By sticking to this principle, we can maintain our product catalog fresh and updated.  Giving us more time to focus on the latest parts and knowledge for your vehicle.  In order to give you more of what matters the most; great service, product expertise, and the best price possible in the industry.