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In 1998, Hugo Chavez was elected president of Venezuela, launching the 'Bolivarian Revolution' that brought in a new constitution, socialist and populist economic and social policies funded by high oil prices, and increasingly vocal anti-US foreign policy.
Flash-forward to 2002, Billy Ono partook on the start-up challenge in order to help his family reduce their income dependency on what has now become Venezuela.

Having nothing but a passion for tuning cars and an eagerness to start a business, Billy established Kami Speed in 2002 as an eBay account selling automotive aftermarket parts that were picked up while visiting family in Japan. Surprised by how well these parts did, Billy found himself making more trips to Japan to the point his Japanese family thought he was living there. Pushing forward with his endeavor, in 2005 Kami Speed was acquired by Kensaku, Inc. and was officially settles in a brick & mortar store with a dedicated website.

With the vision to provide auto enthusiasts fast and reliable access to performance parts inaccessible outside of Japan, Kami Speed quickly grew from a one-person national operation to an international business that is now family run with an on-growing full time staff full-filling orders all over the world.

Over the years, we have grown to become an international supplier for many unique Japanese automotive parts and specialize in many exclusive niche products from all over the world. Not only are we an advocating importing & exporting company, but also automotive enthusiasts that focus on the driver by emphasizing automotive footwork and lifestyles. We're about "empowering the driver".

We thank you for choosing Kami Speed and we'll make sure we do everything we can to provide you with a positive shopping experience; always striving to be the best, the most professional, and the most passionate at what we do.


eBay KamiSpeed store was created.

Kami Speed moves from an eBay store to a brick & mortar store with a dedicated website.

Kami Speed is officially registered and established under Kensaku, Inc.

Kami Speed establishes US distribution on selected Japanese brands.

Kami Speed moves to a larger, easier accessible location.

Kami Speed increases distribution network in the states and establishes distributors in South America.

Kami Speed acquires additional Japanese product lines and local distribution on domestic brands.

Kami Speed sees an average annual revenue growth of over 45%.

Kami Speed celebrates 10 years in business.